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Pet Food Learning Course

Dry Food, Can, Cooked or Raw Food? What is Existential Food Training?

Ensuring proper nutrition is crucial for maintaining a healthy and joyful canine companion. One essential step is to determine your dog’s daily calorie needs, as this information is essential for their overall well-being and quality of life. Ignoring this crucial aspect of your dog’s care can adversely affect their health and lifestyle. Therefore, it’s vital to know your dog’s daily calorie intake to ensure their optimal animal welfare.

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Online Pet Food Course: Everything you need to know to get started

  • Information and light course overview
  • Puppy and adult dog requirements explained
  • Harmful pet Ingredients and storage overview
  • Synthetic Vitamins and Amino Acids, why?
  • How to read the Guaranteed Analysis of any pet food
  • Calculations and examples of dry and can foods
  • Veterinary Diets and Prescription Diets
  • What’s a good Dry Food?
  • Overview
  • How to feed the Raw Diet
  • Vitamin Chart and Balancing the Raw Diet
  • Puppy to Adult Life Stages
  • Introduction: what do wolves eat?
  • Whole Prey Model Raw Diet, why?
  • Gently Cooked, why? 
  • Domestic dogs and raw foods the major benefits
  • Existential Food and Positive Reinforcement Training: Introduction to NePoPo® Created by Michael and Bart Bellon

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Pet Food Learning Online Class