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Four Leaf Rover’s Yeast Guard Bundle!

🌿 Unlock the Power of the 3-Step Approach with Four Leaf Rover’s Yeast Guard Bundle! 🐾

Join forces with renowned Dog Trainer Rob as we present a powerhouse trio—Yeast Guard, Digest, and Gut Guard—formulated by veterinarians to combat yeast in a seamless 3-step approach. 🛡️🌟


✨ Yeast Guard:

Supports the normal detoxification of yeast.
✨ Digest:

Maintains the body’s natural resistance to yeast by targeting yeast biofilm.
✨ Gut Guard:

“Seals the deal” by supporting protective layers of the gut and replenishing normal gut bacteria species.
Save With This Kit:
Enjoy a 20% savings when you purchase all three products in this bundle!

Feeding Directions:
Give Digest and Yeast Guard once daily and Gut Guard twice daily (full dose twice a day), or as directed by your veterinarian. Follow label instructions.

For the Best Results:

Use Yeast Guard Plus over 30-60 days or as recommended by your vet.
Feed your dog high-quality foods without starches and pesticides.
After symptoms clear up, continue supporting your dog’s gut with Protect (sold separately), a veterinarian-formulated probiotic designed to prevent Candida and yeast overgrowth.

❓ How long will it take for Yeast Guard Plus to work?

Yeast Guard Plus should be used for 60 days at a time, with a 2-3 week break in between, depending on your dog’s response.
❓ Can’t I just buy Yeast Guard?

Yeast Guard is part of a 3-step approach, working best in synergy with Digest and Gut Guard. Purchase them as a bundle and save 20%!
❓ Is the caprylic acid made from MCT Oil or Coconut Oil?

The caprylic and capric acid in Yeast Guard are derived from organic, human-grade MCT oil from coconut oil, without lauric acid.
❓ What diet changes can I make to help my dog detoxify from yeast?

Opt for a low-carbohydrate diet, avoiding foods rich in sugars and starches, heavy metals, and processed dog foods.
❓ When is the best time to give Yeast Guard Plus?

Gut Guard and Yeast Guard can be given with food, while Digest should be administered between meals.
❓ Should I keep these products in the fridge?

We recommend refrigerating all Four Leaf Rover products to maintain freshness. If space is limited, store Gut Guard in a cool, dark place.
Embark on a journey to support your dog’s well-being with the trusted collaboration of Four Leaf Rover and Dog Trainer Rob. 🌟🐾 #FourLeafRover #DogHealth #YeastGuardBundle