Dog Trainer Rob Private Lessons or Board and Train Program.

Board & Train

Our Board and Train Program is based on the NePoPo® Dog Training System, Where the dog learns to do the behavior on cue always, with heart and soul.

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Board & Train

Robert will raise your puppy in the NePoPo® Dog Training System to behave in many environmental distractions and real-life scenarios. He will teach all reinforcement levels of learning, from basic to advanced obedience. Your dog will return having on and off-leash obedience and be environmentally sound to many distractions and outside situations. When doing environmental training, your dog will travel to dog-friendly locations such as Bass Pro Shops in Connecticut to practice open obedience. I will prepare your dog for real-world scenarios while teaching obedience in many situations and environmental distractions. Your dog will be more environmentally sound, confident, friendly, and better behaved when he comes back home.

Our Board and Train Program is video documented and short clips are posted as episodes on our YouTube Channel. You’ll be able to watch as your dog progresses through the program with each episode that is uploaded.

Our Board and Train Program takes 4-5 weeks for on and off-leash obedience.

After the Board and Train Program, you will have access to our weekend Dog Training Club class. During our Club sessions, we push your obedience to higher levels. We accomplish this by using non-active handler training, which is done by practicing in wheelchairs to understand how dog training can be done without moving and being active. We learn about footprint tracking/man trailing as we teach about AKC Scent Work and how to search for articles, animal hides, and how odor moves through the air. During Club sessions you will learn about AKC Agility and how to use Operant Conditioning.

The following additional services are included after the Board and Train Program: